Mission Statement:

At Ralston Academy we are a family where students come first. We cultivate respect, responsibility, and resilience in students so that they can find and develop their best pathway forward. 


Program Purpose: 

Ralston is an alternative high school program working in partnership  with Lebanon High School. Students come first at Ralston Academy. We strive to meet the unique needs of the students who are admitted. Our staff members focus on creating a safe, loving, and growth-oriented learning community. It is our mission to ensure that every student is uniquely prepared to find and develop their best pathway forward.

The ideal student for Ralston Academy is a future 11th or 12th grader who could use smaller class sizes, credit recovery, and a hybrid online/direct instruction model to graduate on time with their classmates. We want students who plan on going directly into the workforce, a community college, and/or a trade school.  Our goal is to have 100% of our students leaving high school with a post graduation plan.


School Details: 

  • Student Population: There are approximately 60 11th and 12th grade students who attend Ralston. We have 10-15 students per class.
  • Diploma Options: Students will be awarded a diploma from Lebanon High School: either Modified or Standard track.
  • Schedule: Monday- Friday. Traditional school hours. Every student will have a full schedule of classes, although some  may be online.
  • Enrollment: Students must be referred to Ralston Academy through their high school counselor. There will be an application and interview process to admit a new student. 
  • Credit: Classes will be 6 weeks long. Each class will award .25 credit each 6 week mini-term. Students who need credit recovery will have a credit recovery class built into their schedule to make up past failed credit (this is not a study hall).
  • Curriculum: Students will be given direct instruction/online learning using state standards by a certified teacher.
  • Location: The program is located in the district office.
  • Support: Students will have access to two behavioral support specialists as well as a part-time counselor.