Alumni Testimonies

Ralston Graduates – Where Are They Now?

Travis Mack – Class of 2021

“I moved to Arizona for school. I’m currently attending the Universal Technical Institute. My school is getting me ready to become a technician. In my free time I mostly hang with friends but there really isn’t that much free time. Ralston really helped me build life long relationships with the staff and students and made me realize how important it is to buckle down and get all my stuff done. It has helped me out a lot in school and I just passed my last course with a 99%. Ralston is truly a life saver and I feel like they all need a raise.”


Tristan Rivera – Class of 2020

Tristen has been working on becoming a personal trainer to help others better their lives physically and mentally just like he does for himself everyday with hard work and dedication. For Tristen, Ralston was a place where he could come and be accepted with open arms when he was having trouble at home, school, or just everyday life. Ralston was a second family to Tristen. He said, “I never wanted to miss a moment being there, but most of all I had a lot of fun at Ralston. The teachers helped turn me into a hard working person and someone who wasn’t scared to ask for help. I am very grateful for all the teachers at Ralston, and if I could, I’d do it all again.”


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